1 | Weekly Updates | My Year Without

My Year Without A Microwave

Here are the weekly stats and updates for week 1 of 2019. I’m only counting for 5 days this week since 2 days were lost in 2018.

In this post:

  • Stats. The status and notesツof my habits and goals.
  • Improvements. What I am going to improve upon this week.
  • Updates. How my week went and what’s the deal with the microwave.



(the goals I want to achieve this year)

Plant-based: 0/312 days
Exercise: 4/260 days
Weight: -1.4lb from last week, -1.4lb this year
GaaT: 0/365 blog posts
Pay off car loan: $0/$13,000
Books Read: 1/52

I read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

Mini Tweet-Sized Review:ツAtomic Habits by James Clear was like the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It focused on doing small habits to improve your life. Then as you improve and stay consistent you will achieve great results. His formula of making a habit was clear and will make habits more achievable.


(the habits I want to stop or limit)

No Spending Extra Money

  • We went $25 (tip included) over a gift card at Olive Garden
  • We have denied ourselves from purchasing building materials, food over the budget and a new microwave

No Soda, Chocolate, Processed Foods

  • No soda has been consumed. Sparkling water has
  • Oreos were eaten the first 2 days to get them out of the house
  • Processed foods every damn day in my mouth

No Wearing Brandon’s Clothes

  • I haven’t touched his closet all week. My clothes are not that bad, lol. I was just lazy.

No YouTube / Netflix / Streaming Shows and Movies

  • Well this has been a total fail
  • I have not watched any YouTube except to listen to a few songs on the first day
  • I streamed Family Guy and It’s Always Sunny all week instead of working which is why I need this rule

Limited Social Media

  • I have gone down the Facebook hole once this week because, in order to talk to people, I need to have Facebook open on my computer
  • I haven’t been opening Instagram a lot and have gone days without it
  • I’ve been spending less time on Twitter too. I’m just throwing status updates on there whenever

Limited WiFi On Phone

  • I have discovered it’s easy to enable and disable apps like Chrome and Gmail so I have done this a few times.



  • Meal prep a lot of plant-based food to force me to eat them before they go bad.
  • Use an Internet blocker on sites that I stream shows and movies.
  • There’s a messenger app for Windows that I’m going to test out. That way I won’t get sucked into stalking people I used to know.
  • I need to think of a system for my phone. I may have to put it in ultra battery saving mode which takes away all apps except for the basics and forces you to restart when you deactivate it. I may do that after working out and then after reading.


This week was a good start. My only complaint was skipping work and giving into my crutch of watching TV to numb myself.

I honestly thought I would give into drinking soda. I thought that I didn’t care much about watching TV. But, I hardly even thought about soda.

Other than that, I wished to eat healthier. That didn’t happen either.

So, I dedicated Saturday to making big batches of potatoes, beans, rice, and vegetable soup. This will force me to eat more plant-based since I will have to eat them before they go bad.

I also ate Oreos for the first two days. I had Oreos in the house and instead of trying to muster up the energy to resist them, I just got it over with and ate them. Because I was just going to eat them eventually.

So when we went food shopping, I did not pick up any more chocolate things. I am free of chocolate for the rest of the year!

Since we are spending no money on extra things this year, we canceled our gym membership on Friday. Also that same night we spent $25 at Olive Garden. BAD! I know!

We had a gift card from Christmas and weツwent over that amount and gave a big tip. So $25 so far has been spent on extra things.

Also. we can home today (Sunday) and the microwave was broken. We agreed that we are allowed to spend money to fix and repair necessary items. However… microwaves are not a necessity and we did all our heating on the stove today.

My husband is upset, but I haven’t wanted a microwave this whole time. So, unless my husband finds a way to get a microwave for free, this will be my year without a microwave.

This was a short week since 2019 started on a Tuesday. I’ve been trying to get up right away and not check anything until it’s time for work. But, I found a loophole on the first two days.

Since all apps were disabled from my phone, I found the tablet that we barely use. I checked my email on that first thing in the morning.

I did not want this. This was the goal. So, when the tablet died on Thursday, I put it away and have yet to charge it.

I found this app called Slowly where you can get matched with Pen Pals and the messages take the same amount of time to send/receive as it would if you sent it through the actual mail.

I turn the WiFi on my phone about once a day to sync my notes and FitBit. So, it’s fun to see messages from around the world as well. Since it’s not instant messages, I’m not constantly worried about texting. And this is another proactive way to use my phone.

I think that wraps up my updates on how this week went, how my habits are coming along and how my goals are coming along.

I’m hoping to improve this week!