The Difference Between The Webbies

Webbies are the people behind websites. There are many variations of website makers, and sometimes roles get confusing and people think one role is the other or employers want two roles combined. Here are the different roles and the differences in roles.

Website Designer

Typically website designers are graphic designers gone digital. Web designers design the website. Absolutely no code is involved. They just design how the website will look. The layout of each page. The colors and the typography. Then they hand it over to someone who knows code.

Front-end Web developer

Front-end developers sometimes will have the role of web designer. They’re experts in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and XML (These people will also know Flash and ActionScript, but who still does that?). They handle Responsive Web Design and Accessibility Design. They can take a picture of how a website should look and they will make the picture reality. Some can even design the website themselves proving that they are more marketable. These people are in charge of what the user sees. What the user clicks on. Their job is to give the user what they came here for and to make sure no link is broken.

Back-end Web Developer

Back-end developers are behind the scenes. Although users may not see what they do and are oblivious to it, without them their web experience wouldn’t be great. These people make forms, and logins and without them, social media wouldn’t exist. Twitter or Facebook wouldn’t be here. They’re experts in MySQL, PHP, Ruby, Python, and they know how to handle cookies and APIs. They are responsible for database design and implementation. Their job is to enhance the experience for users and provide great features.

Full-stack Web Developer

A little unknown and a little uncommon role in this industry are the full-stack web developers. They can do both front-end and back-end work. They even can design the whole website themselves and put together. Typically they love one side over the other but that doesn’t stop them from coding. And although no person can possess all the languages, back end developers will know the most common ones needed to build a website.


Then there’s the people that branch off of websites and make things that are used elsewhere. The people that make the apps on your phone, the software that controls your email, the things that really make people go β€œwow.” Much love for the programmers, software engineers and the computer science majors that make awesome things happen beyond the websites.