2021 Goals

Throughout December, I started prepping for my goals for 2021. But I’m choosing today, to set intentions and to start because January 1st is just way too much pressure.

Now, this post excludes personal goals because honestly, it’s just:

  • Lose 45 pounds by exercising every day and eating plant-based.
  • Go to health appointments and actually get scary things looked at and worked on.
  • Finally buy an RV.

Okay, this post now includes personal goals, lol!!

Anyway, let’s talk business. 2021 is the year that I officially shut down my freelance business. I officially end my job (which was a freelance client turned part-time employment). And I officially start at 0 with another business.

Needless to say, when February comes, I’m without income… Yay!!

So it really is a fresh start for me because I’m going to be working more towards the things I enjoy.

Being a freelance website developer was magical!!! I would do it again. But to me, it didn’t feel right. I don’t want to work on other people’s websites anymore… I want to work on my own!!!

And with Green and Thistle (soon to be Turmeric) slowly getting more traction and visitors, I’m jumping on it!!

Business Goals

I know from experience, that when starting you have to hustle. So that’s what we’ll be doing this year (we as in me and the hubby)!

720 Instagram posts (over 2 Instagrams)
300 TikToks/Instagram Reels
2 Books Published
3 Courses Published
100 Reddit Posts
720 Emails (over two lists)
156 Blog Posts Published
156 YouTube Videos Published
10 Guest Podcasts
26 LinkedIn Posts

Now I’m going to get started!