DAY 170 | Sleeping Naked is Green

Well this is the end of the daily changes. Over the next few days, I’ll be doing stories to run through my challenge and give updates on each one! This challenge was inspired by Vanessa Farquharson. In 2007, she had Green as a Thistle as a blog. She did a green change every single day

DAY 169 | MISSION: No Electricity

I’m doing another mini-mission tomorrow! I’m going to go the full day without electricity. Except to work on my laptop, I will not be plugging anything in. I will not be turning anything on. If my phone dies, then it dies. I am going to read a book, go outside, clean my room, go through

DAY 168 | Mission: Plant-Based

Alright, it’s time to go full-on plant-based! Here’s the mission: a full-day of plant-based eating. Just foods that are from their natural form. No toxins or preservatives. Eating more plant-based is better for the environment. There’s less energy to make processed foods. There’s almost always less packaging with whole foods. And it’s healthier. Tomorrow it

DAY 167 | Turn Bar Soap Into Liquid Soap

I will be making my own liquid soap using bar soaps. This cuts down on a lot of plastic because bar soaps are usually packaged in paper or cardboard. Now when you turn bar soap into liquid soap, it’s not going to have the same consistency as just plain liquid soap. Some people call it

DAY 166 | Dish Liquid Bar Soap

Going with the soap theme, we arrive at the last one! For now on, instead of using dish liquid that comes in plastic, I will be using bar soap. You can use a bamboo scrub brush with the bar soap and that would work well. I’m going to be turning the bar soaps into liquid.

DAY 165 | Handsoap Bars

We are heading into a bar soap theme! Today’s change is using bar soap for handwashing only. This is the easiest bar soap you can find in stores and most are packaged in paper. And honestly, they’re cheap too. Winning!!!

DAY 164 | Shampoo Bars

Alrighty. It’s time to get into shampoo bars. I’m afraid of my hair being wrecked, but… I have been using a natural shampoo, so hopefully, it will be alright!! No more shampoo in plastic for me!

DAY 163 | Compost Vacuum Dust

I was researching composting and came across a mega list of compostable items. On there was vacuum dust. It never occurred to me that the dirt picked up from our floors don’t have to be thrown away. Now I don’t have a compost pile, and I’m not planning on having one. But I saw a

DAY 162 | Go to Farms and Farmer’s Markets

My area is weird. We’re in the south yet our town’s farmer’s market only runs June – September. Up in PA it was May – October!!! What is up with that? Anyway, I won’t be making it there during this challenge, but I would like to visit a farm and buy some produce there! Buying

DAY 161 | No Canned Beverages

My drinking situation keeps getting smaller. I first gave up plastic bottled water then other drinks in plastic and now I’m giving up canned beverages. Canned beverages are GREAT!! And the better option than plastic. They are easier to recycle. But recycling is not the answer to zero waste. So we should strive to recycle