Beat Perfectionism and Conquer Your New Years Resolutions

Perfectionism ruins New Years resolutions.

You wake up on the first with the best intention to do or stop a habit for a whole year. A mighty goal, yet I know you can do it!!

If you noticed a lot of people fail or give up their New Year’s goals. Sometimes within the first couple days of the new year.

This is because they plan to be “perfect” without planning for slipups. ¡¡¡¡News flash!!!! You’re going to slip up on your habit!

It’s not fair to yourself to cave into an old habit on January 3rd and, because you feel like a failure, just give up for the whole year.

It’s not fair.

I do that to myself too. I’ll plan to eat absolutely NO PROCESSED FOODS!! Then a family member would buy me something delicious out of kindness. Then FUCK! You would feel like shit if you didn’t accept it.

But that’s okay because those instances don’t happen all the time. Nothing is stopping you from picking up where you left off the next day.

Plan For Exceptions

Another way to combat this is to plan for exceptions. Plan to fail. Do you know occasions that will happen this year that would make your goal really hard to achieve? Plan to skip your habit that day.

An example: if you know date day is once a month and it’s so hard to stick to a diet on dates… Then skip the diet on date days.

If you want to read 2 books a month, but you know December is so busy with the holidays… Then make December an exception to the rule.

Think ahead and plan for this shit. Give yourself wiggle room!

Get it Over With: Fail Within the First Few Days

The pressure to be perfect for a whole year is real and can be daunting. So fail. Get it over with.

Get over that hump immediately, so you can feel better about not being perfect.

Didn’t exercise on January 1st?!? GOOD!! You have officially hit the first blip of many that will come this year.

Now you can pick up on the 2nd and know that’s messing up is okay. You have the rest of the year to persevere!!!

Maybe Start Later

Maybe it’s “January 1st” that’s the problem. It’s such a hard goal and an overzealous goal. The first of the year.. only comes once a year!! It’s a clean slate!!!

But maybe that’s too much perfection.

Try skipping January 1st. Skip the pressure of the new year. Start January 3rd or 4th or the first Sunday/Monday.

That’s what I’m doing.

Besides January 1st is hectic anyway!! Who has the time to implement a change within the chaos?

You Can Still Get An A!

Let’s bring school back for a second for the overachievers.

If you have a daily goal, 328 days out of 365 it’s still an A. Bro, you can fail for a whole MONTH and still get an A.

Do you have a 5-day a week goal? Doing it 235 out of the 261 workdays is still an A! That’s slipping up once a pay period or taking a month off work…

Failing is okay if you get an A overall!

Or a B or C.. again no pressure and it’s okay to do less than you wanted because guess what?

Isn’t better to make some progress than look at another new year knowing you gave up on even trying?

You owe it to yourself to make progress on the goals that creep up year after year.

Perfection is Stupid

Just stop it. Habits and changes are messy. They’re not going to be glamorous. They’re going to be real and tough.

It’s bad enough that the change is going to be hard, don’t make it extra hard with the added pressure of being perfect.