DAY 160 | Use 100% recycled / Individually Wrapped Toilet Paper

Some people shudder at the thought of… recycled toilet paper. But I don’t mind. So I’m going to be making the switch to recycled toilet paper even if it means going against what the family usually buys. Now, I think the better choice would be to buy toilet paper individually wrapped in paper regardless if

DAY 159 | Use Solar When Possible

Ever since I was 16 I always wanted a solar panel. I’ve always thought they were SO DAMN COOL!! And I am so EXCITED!!! Because I’m finally getting one! It’s a solar panel bank that will charge my phone and other devices. I can’t wait to use the sun’s power for my tech 🙂

DAY 158 | Rechargeable Batteries

This is my husband’s most anticipated change! The only thing that has been holding us back from getting rechargeable batteries is that we have a lot of battery usage. And we have many different TYPES of batteries. This means it’s going to be expensive. So I guess the best way to do it is to

DAY 157 | Bottle Brush

After a while bottle brush turns super gross. Unfortunately, the ones I’ve been using have been plastic. So I will be switching to a bamboo bottle brush.

DAY 156 | Plant a Tree and Other Plants

Planting a tree is a fun experience that is also beneficial to the environment. I will be planting a tree either through a charity network or my family’s yard. I am also gardening and planting berry bushes. More greenery for the yard and more berries for smoothies!!

DAY 155 | Donate to Environmental Organizations

I want to start supporting amazing organizations that are doing their best to help the environment. Feel free to add awesome organizations below! Here are some to get us started: Arbor Day Foundation, The Conservation Fund, Flight 93 Memorial for their reforestation efforts… What are some more?

DAY 154 | Empty and Clean Filters

This is more of a Brandon job, but I can up my nagging so it gets done, lol! This applies to vents, coils, lint traps, and filters. From the fridge, dryer, air conditioner, and vacuum, I’m making sure they are clean. Making sure vents and filters are cleared lets the appliance work more efficiently and

DAY 153 | Learn to Sew

I’m regretting this one because I am not good with my hands. But learning this basic skill can save a lot of clothes and objects. I can prolong the lives of hoodies and backpacks. I could fix my couch and stitch up my favorite comforter. So I’m going to get some needles and thread and

DAY 152 | No More Online Shopping

I’m pretty sure this one is going to be broken once the challenge is over, but it will be nice to see what we have “to live without” by giving up online shopping. We rely on it so much these days. But the packaging and shipping methods do cause waste. It’s better to find the

DAY 151 | No Palm Oil Except Soap

Palm is associated with deforestation, releasing CO2, and threatening 193 species of animals. This is no bueno, so I will not be purchasing products with palm oil. I say, “except soap” because it is really hard to find pure olive oil soap locally. Other natural soaps are not vegan and have palm oil. But I