Creating a Blog that Makes Money

So the first stream of income I’m setting up is a blog. A few things to note:

  1. Blogs are a marketing tool and shouldn’t be counted as a stream of income,
  2. Blogs take time before becoming profitable, and
  3. I’m not exactly starting from scratch with this one.

Now since blogs are a marketing tool, I should really say that the first stream of income I’m setting up is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the quickest way to monetize a blog besides Google Ads. But I won’t put Google Ads on my blog and maybe I’ll talk about why later, but…

A blog will also set me up to sell products and ebooks in the future. And those will be two additional streams of income.

Now I’m starting with setting up a blog first because it takes time before blogs are profitable. It takes months before blog posts start ranking well in Google. So the sooner you start, the better when it comes to blogging!

And I’m already an experienced blogger. I’ve had several blogs in the past, I’ve been a freelance writer and my blog right now is currently hitting 2.5k page views a month. Not a lot, but not starting from scratch either.

But that’s okay because you should always use what you have to take shortcuts!!

And the plan is to switch domain names, so you get to see me make the switch, basically lose all those pageviews at first, and then recover.

Should be fun!!

My Action Profit Plan

Okay here’s the plan:

  1. Create high-quality blog posts,
  2. Give them the SEO treatment so they rank well in Google, and eventually increase my traffic.

Once the marketing side of things does its thing, I need to focus on monetizing.

This is where affiliate marketing comes into play. I will be joining programs and using referral links within my content.

And then I will create a mini funnel to guide my audience through so I can build an email list and have an opportunity to sell products in the future. 

This is what my funnel looks like:

Setting Up The Blog 

Okay now is the fun part!! Watching me in action 😀 Here is my YouTube video showing everything I did to create my >blog<. Watch from 0:00 to skip the intro.


The Steps

  1. Domain setup
  2. WordPress install
  3. Web Design
  4. Transferring Content
  5. Telling Google I Moved
  6. Creating Redirect Links
  7. Creating Pages and Organizing the Nav
  8. Installing Plugins
  9. Creating the Funnel

Okay that’s a wrap! I’ll check in soon with a progress report!