How A Night Owl Wakes Up Before Dawn

When I was younger, my favorite hobby was staying up all night. I was so good, I would stay up all night and still head to school in the morning only to crash when I came home.

I did that all the way until I began college.

I remember in high school, coming home, lying in bed with the radio on and Teah on my legs and sleeping. I think my mom thought it was normal for teenagers to sleep a lot.

But honestly, I just wasn’t sleeping at night. I was watching TV, and spending too much time on Facebook games.

Since I was such a pro, I assumed that I can do it anytime I want.

But, that’s not the case anymore.

It’s a struggle these days to stay up to 2 am. It’s actually AGONY to do so. Staying up all night (or going without sleep at all) is the worst thing in the world to me now.

College ruined me.

I had a very special schedule in college. My only ride there was my mom and she had a 5 am job. So at 2 am every morning, I am waking up, getting ready and driving to school.

I got there before the doors were even open, but thankfully the manager of the cafe would sneak me in when the weather was below freezing.

Doing this for about a year gave me a new perspective to mornings.

The Benefit of Waking Up Early

There were benefits that I noticed even as a college student. Well, actually, there was only one.


My productivity levels were THROUGH THE ROOF!!

There’s something about waking up super early. You do not have anything scheduled until hours later, and this gives you hours of uninterrupted time to do ANYTHING!!

In the mornings, I had time to exercise before my mom picked me up. At school, I was the only one in the computer labs.

No one else was there for 3-4 hours. I got my school work, projects and future work completed in the early mornings.

I was so refreshed when classes started that I could begin to learn new material with clarity instead of needing refreshment from the previous class.

It was AWESOME!!

I was always a lazy person who would procrastinate everything. But here I was getting ahead of the class.

This schedule stopped when Mom changed shifts. But it was great while it lasted.

How to Wake Up Early as a Night Owl

That early morning feeling is something I strive for every day. These days my goal is to wake up at 3:30 am every day and get started on work at 4 am.

But sometimes, I do fall out of schedule and trying to get back to it is DREADFUL. Because…

I have to stay up all night.

It hurts. It really does. But here’s the best trick to waking up early. You should only feel discomfort for a day.

Other articles will suggest you slowly work your way up to the desired time. Something like 15 minutes each night. But I’m here to get things done not waste weeks. So I like a one-night shot.

  1. Stay up all night so you get 4 or fewer hours of sleep. When I’m trying to get back on schedule, I only allow myself 4 hours of sleep. I do this by staying up to 4 am and waking up at 8 am.
  2. Do not fall back to sleep. Your main job one day one is to not take a nap. You must not nap. You will be tired. You will be groggy. You literally will be running on 4 hours asleep.
  3. Go to bed early! The next step is to go to bed early. For example, my desired sleeping time is 7:30 pm to give me 8 hours until 3:30 am. However, on this day, I will strive to be in bed between 6 pm-7 pm. Why? Because your body might overcompensate this night’s sleep to make up for the 4 hours of sleep the night before. Sometimes when I did all-nighters as a kid, it wasn’t uncommon to sleep 12-16 hours after doing long allnighters. So plan for this so you don’t miss your next deadline.
  4. Wake up at the desired time. After going to bed early, you are now set to wake up at your desired time. You may be a little groggy on this day as your body adjusts, but it should be smooth sailing from here on out.

How to KEEP Waking Up Early

Now you’re all set to wake up early. It’s now a matter of maintaining your new schedule. You may have to change some things in order to keep going to bed early.

But this is what you have to do. It is very easy to wake up early for two days and then stay up late. You are a night owl after all 🙂

It’s very important to be diligent. Keep going to bed at your bedtime. Even on the weekends. It’s very easy to slip up.

But trust me. You don’t want to fight to stay up all night again. It’s not worth it! Take it from me, someone who has to stay up all night tonight to get back on schedule lol!!