How To Get What You Want

You have a goal. A dream. A wish. A want. A dream life.


Sometimes, you’re willing to do anything for the dream, but it still doesn’t work out. That’s okay. You will get it eventually.

I know some very powerful steps to get everything you want. The steps are straightforward, but you must focus and inhale step 1. It is very important.

How to get what you want:

  1. Patience.

You must have patience as a monk. You must not agonize or take shortcuts in getting what you want. If you cannot get it tomorrow, you probably WON’T get it tomorrow. You cannot rush results. They will come but you have to be patient.

  1. Plan.

Your goal should have a concrete plan. You need to know what you need to do to achieve what you want. If it’s to buy a house, you must know what you need to save each month and how you’re going to save the money.

  1. Persistence.

You must not give up when the going gets tough. You must stick to the plan no matter what. You need to stay the course. And most importantly, you need to revisit step 1.

It’s three steps. It’s not exactly easy in some cases, but three steps are simple to remember.