My Morning Routine is 4 Hours Long

And, that’s okay.

This is going to be my year. I’m still feeling the hype of the New Year, but for the last month, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed, unorganized and completely disoriented. I’ve been letting work and passion projects slide as I reach to play my favorite game all day. I made list after list to try to be productive, but I felt pressured every morning to do everything on the list. And, when I feel pressure, I completely turn off.

Work was constantly on my mind and I thought I never had time for myself. I felt guilty for having time for myself when there’s work to be done.

I knew I needed a structured routine.  I needed to wake up at the same time and get things done. I needed order. I was craving order. So, I started researching morning routines.

the morning ends at noon

Looking into morning routines, I noticed a trend. People think their morning routine starts when they wake up and ends within two hours or when they head out the door. But, the morning lasts until noon and you should plan for that.

Thinking of the morning as the time of the day before the afternoon helps you to not feel stressed. It will help you to not cram everything into a two hour period. It makes your routine longer and you can add more items such as exercise and showering or longer items such as writing or journaling.

But What About Work?

Most people have a job where they need to commute to a building at a specific time. You should include this in your morning routine. Add in the commute and add in the tasks that you want to do when you get into work. If you have an office job, your routine as soon as you get in could be: 1. Fill up water bottle, make tea 2. Check email 3. Make a priority list for the day.

There’s something you can do that will make your day be more enjoyable, and less frantic. Everyone gets the same amount of morning. Yours happens to be at different locations.

creating my routine

I looked at morning routines of different people. I looked at men. I looked at women. I looked at entrepreneurs, business people, self-employed freelancers and stay-at-home parents. Everyone had something unique in their routines. A lot of them offered tips on saving time.

Something I saw a few times was the Miracle Morning. The miracle morning is  a morning routine full of self-development. It focuses around the acronym S.A.V.E.R.S. It stands for Silence, Affirmation, Visualizing, Exercise, Reading and Scribing. I thought this was a really neat concept, and I decided to use some of it for my routine.

I took ideas from all the different routines I saw, and then I sat back and visualized my perfect morning. A morning that will help me relax, ease into the day and set me up for success in reaching my goals and finishing my task list.

I didn’t want to cram my morning with too many things. I didn’t want to feel overwhelmed or have to remember to do a lot. I also wanted flexibility. I don’t have any time frame in my routine. Some people give time limits to their tasks, so they know exactly what they are doing at 10:42 AM.

I used to do this in the past and it always left me with a sense of urgency. I was constantly watching the clock and always felt as if I was late to the next task. On my routine, some items will last a few minutes one day or a few hours the next. The point of the routine is the order. As soon as I’m done one task, I start the other.

This routine usually lasts four hours although some days it may be three hours when I’m done. I do try to end at 11 AM. 11 o’clock seems like a good cut off time for the morning. It is the hour transitioning from morning to afternoon. It also gives me some leeway if my routine lasts a little longer.

my 4 hour morning routine

// empezar

    If my husband is still home, snuggle and kiss him for a few minutes. If my husband is gone for work, get right up.
    Drink the rest of the water in the mason jar from last night.
    Let them out onto the balcony as I’m going down stairs to use the bathroom.
    While I’m downstairs, drink another mason jar full of water (my mason jar is 18oz)
    This is a quick clean up of the floor. It’s mainly sweeping because having 5 furrbabies makes the floors messy.
    Go out on the balcony with the babies and lie out for at least 30 minutes. Feel the sun, breathe the air, meditate. I usually set a timer for this because I can lie out there for hours and not care.
    Read my vision (more about this in a future post) and review bullet journal.
    Follow exercise plan. Take a shower afterwards and drink more water.
    Follow my Life-Changing Program (more about this in a future post)

// fin

This is my routine and it lasts the whole morning. I’m not rushed. I’m not stressed. I have time to relax and enjoy the morning sun and air. It may change over time, but I like it as is.

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