Minimalist Shoes

This page is all about my personal shoe collection over the years. I went from keeping all my shoes from the 4th grade to only keeping what I use.

This page will keep getting updated.

February 12, 2019

I went from 4 shoes to a million.

Well, it seems like a million, lol.

Here’s the updated list:

  • 2 cork clogs
  • 3 sneakers
  • 1 hiking boots
  • 1 winter boots
  • 1 heels
  • 1 flip-flops

Why 3 pair of sneakers? Well, my mom bought me a pair and gave me a pair. And although I don’t use all 3 regularly, over time I’ll have backups when things get worn down.

So, eventually, this list will get smaller or larger if there’s a good deal on cork clogs.

March 6, 2017

I’ve been thinking about all the topics that I want to write about, and I decided to start from my roots. In the very beginnings of this blog, I did a post on my shoes. I had 13 pairs of shoes. I was saying that I would soon pare them down — which I did — but I also made some excuses for a few of them. One example were my Ravens slippers. I said that these slippers didn’t count because I wanted everything that supported my favorite football team.

But, they do count. And, I no longer have them. In fact, I no longer have any of those 13 pairs of shoes.

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Enjoy June

Well June started off great with a long day bike riding with the family at a park. The sun was shining (It was shining a little too much resulting in sunburns!), and everyone was out enjoying it. It felt so good to finally get out of the house and get some exercise in. (tweet this) I’ve been missing it!

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Reducing My Wardrobe

Out of all the types of things I have (books, paper, magazines, purses, ect.), clothing has the most items in it. I have so many clothes, and I only wear a small percentage of them!

Mainly because they are unorganized, and I don’t want to go through them to find an outfit. Another reason is because I have no idea what I have.

As I’m going through them, I’m finding things that I completely forgot about. So, I’m reducing my wardrobe. Why do I have clothes that I don’t wear and I don’t know about?

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Becoming a Minimalist

I have always liked the idea of being simple and not over-exaggerated. I’m a web developer, and seeing simple, beautiful, minimalistic website designs makes my heart soar. And, although I tried to implement these ideas into my own designs, my teachers didn’t understand and didn’t like it. “It’s so plain.” “You can do more.” “You can do better.” They just didn’t get my style.

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