Website Developer

The stack: JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS
Awesome stuff: WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, Bootstrap, Skeleton
Currently Learning: React


Hello Friendly Human,
My name is Katelyn

I have been making websites for over a decade now and made my first one when I was 12. It’s still on the internet. If you take a peek, please don’t laugh!

I went to school to earn an Associate’s degree in Website Development from Pittsburgh Technical College. From there, I have 5 years of work experience as a website developer including an internship at a design company, an on-site role at an IT consulting company, and remote work with various agencies as an independent contractor.

When I am not working or studying, I like to write… a lot. I have published a book and I love working on my blog. I also enjoy cooking vegan food, volunteering, playing with animals, and reading.

Please enjoy yourself and take a look at my portfolio. And, here is my resume if you want it.

Thank you for stopping by and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out,



These are projects that I have been the sole developer on. I created these websites using design compositions from designers.


Workforce Buffalo <- Add Link Here

  • Microsites provide each center with their own pages to share information and an event calendar only pertaining to that center
  • A robust calendar system that shows all events from the centers in one calendar. This comes with a filtering system allowing users to select their wanted center and/or the type of events they are looking for
  • The calendar allows users to click on events to view more information and to sign up to attend. Users and admin (and selected roles) are then notified via email
  • Access restricted intranet allow admin and selected roles to show in-house meetings, events and important documents

Interstate Environmental Commission <- Add Link Here

  • Interactive timeline showing the history of the organization
  • Huge publication center with a great filter to allow users to filter through hundreds of entries
  • Backend users are treated well with a media content system that allows them to upload images and files via drag and drop. Then they are able to place media within the content. This happens all within the WYSIWYG editor
  • Unique infographics page with cool scrolling effects

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank <- Add Link Here

  • Accessibility features: slideshow on the homepage shows a random slide on refresh and users are able to adjust text size
  • Infographics page showing organization stats


Legacy Cafe <- Add Link Here

  • The menu page is interactive by giving users historical tidbits about the underlined words. You can activate this by hovering over the underlined words
  • The website is based on a bought template and modified to fit the client’s needs

At Your Door Dating <- Add Link Here

  • Subtle animation makes website features pop