Jumpstart Guide to Freelancing

Freelancing is a great way to dive into your own business and to start making money on your own terms. Freelancers have complete control over their rates, clients, projects and working hours. You get to choose if a client or project is something you want or should do. You get to choose your hourly rate.

How to Work From Home

A lot of people are now working from home due to shutdowns. It’s crazy how it takes a virus for employers to finally consider remote options. The benefits of working from home are neverending, but I won’t get into those. This is for you if you’re confused or overwhelmed. You might have a hard transition

How to Travel Light

Traveling is awesome. Luggage is not. Join the minimalist revolution to keep your luggage as light as possible to save money and time. Then you can have more fun. You can save money by packing lighter because you will need less space. This translates to less luggage fees on planes, smaller rental cars and smaller

How to Drink More Water

Did you that the “8 Cups of Water Everday” rule was made up by a rando? This guy measured his own pee and sweat and the WHOLE WORLD just went along with his observation. I get it. No one else wanted to measure pee and sweat. But actually, we could get away with 4-7 cups

Get Laundry Done and Over With

I am a lazy person. I hate chores and will do whatever I can to make them go away. That’s why I love being a minimalist. It makes cleaning so much easier and quicker! A lazy person always takes the shortcut and minimalism was just the shortcut I needed to make chore bearable. Also alledgedly

Get Ahead Living Paycheck to Paycheck

There’s a stigma around living paycheck to paycheck. A lot of people are in this rut where they run out of money before payday and they have to suffer for a few days until the next check. This, of course, is not ideal because it gives you no freedom. You are strapped for cash. Any

My Morning Routine is Boring as Hell

Back in 2017, I published my morning routine on my blog. It was titled “My Morning Routine is 4 Hours Long.” Four. Hours. Long. It was filled with all the basic enlightening, perfect personal development tasks ever written by best selling productivity gurus. This was it: // empezar WAKE UP AT 7 AM EVERY MORNING

How A Night Owl Wakes Up Before Dawn

When I was younger, my favorite hobby was staying up all night. I was so good, I would stay up all night and still head to school in the morning only to crash when I came home. I did that all the way until I began college. I remember in high school, coming home, lying

Some Tips to Make Depression Bearable

I’ve had depression for half my life. Since I was 12, I’ve been diagnosed twice. I have chosen not to get treated or medicated for it. Instead, I have always wanted to “beat this thing.” Unfortunately, for a lot of us, it’s not ever going away. This is a reality that you have to face.

How To Get What You Want

You have a goal. A dream. A wish. A want. A dream life. Same. Sometimes, you’re willing to do anything for the dream, but it still doesn’t work out. That’s okay. You will get it eventually. I know some very powerful steps to get everything you want. The steps are straightforward, but you must focus